University of Manchester Christian Union
What’s on

What’s on

Prayer Meetings (On Zoom!)


– 08:00 –

We meet together once a week before we start lectures to orient ourselves, praise God and pray for the week ahead. Check the CU Slack for the Zoom link each week.

Central Meetings


– 19:00 –

The main CU meeting for the week, which is planned to take place in person in the coming semester.

Impact Groups

Impact Groups are small groups based around the university halls of residence for first years and around faculties for later years. They’re committed to encouraging each other and serving the students around them by providing opportunities to consider Jesus and his message. Impact group leaders can also be a friendly contact during the start of the year to help you get involved in the CU!

Coordinated by second years, we’d like to invite all freshers and older years to attend their local impact group, regardless of whether you’re living in a hall or not.

We also hold other events throughout the year so check us out on social media (links at the bottom of this page) to stay up to date!