University of Manchester Christian Union
Nils Fish

Nils Fish

4th Year Medicine

  • What’s your name, where are you from, what course are you studying and what year of university are you in?

       My name is Nils Fish, I am not really from one place as I moved around so much when I was younger, but if I had to say it would be a mix of Germany and Sweden. I am currently in my 4th year of Medicine.

  • Can you remember how you were feeling before coming to university?

       Nervous. I wasn’t sure I would make friends and have the “best period of my life” uni experience that everyone says they have.

  • What was your favourite thing about freshers week?

       The fact that everyone is introducing themselves. I loved the feeling that where ever you go, people are ready and willing to meet others. 

  • Can you remember how you were feeling by the end of fresher’s week?

       Tired and even more nervous. I wasn’t sure that I was going to fit in anywhere, and I hadn’t formed a friendship group which I had thought would happen by then. Everyone I met was lovely, but I didn’t manage to build any deep relationships by the end of the first week.

  • What helped you the most coming to university?

       Going to the CU and finding a good church. Being based around like-minded and friendly people helped me get grounded and settled, so that from there I was able to enjoy both uni and Manchester better.

  • What is your top tip for a fresher coming this September?

       Buy a door stop, keep your door open when you’re in!