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Impact Groups Sign-Up

Impact Groups Sign-Up

If you’d like to get into an impact group, please let us know your hall so we can get you to the right one. If you don’t know your accommodation yet, it would be great if you could let us know where you applied, or the area you think you’ll be in. If you’re not living in a hall, or you’re in a private halls – that’s fine! Just let us know your area and we can help you find your local group.

To get the zoom link the first time you attend, you’ll need to either join our Freshers Facebook Group (UoMCU Freshers 2020) or message our page. We’ll then invite you to join our internal communications page on the night, and you’ll get notifications each Tuesday with the link from there.

To help you meet people and settle into Manchester this year, we’re giving you the chance to request that a returning student contact you to meet up for coffee, do a video call or whatever you’re comfortable with! If you’d like this, please tick the box and give us you’re preferred method of contact (e.g. email address, Facebook profile link etc).

We’ve also provided an extra box for anything else you want to add, but remember if you’d like a reply you’ll need to give us a way of contacting you.