Impact Groups

Impact Groups are small groups based around the university halls of residence. They’re committed to encouraging each other and serving the students around them by providing opportunities to consider Jesus and his message. Impact group leaders can also be a friendly contact during the start of the year to help you get involved in the CU!

Coordinated by second years, we’d like to invite all freshers and older years to attend their local impact group, regardless of whether you’re living in a hall or not. Visit the page for your impact group for more specific details.

Due to Covid-19, Impact Groups are currently our main form of meeting as a CU as their smaller size will make it easier to meet up in person once this becomes possible. They currently meet online on Tuesday evenings, so wherever you are, we’d love you to get involved! 🙂

If you’d like to join us, it would be great if you could sign up here

Find your Impact Group below:

Oak House, Owens Park and Unsworth Park Impact Group

Whitworth Park and Denmark Road Impact Group

Woolton, Asburne, Richmond and Sheavyn Halls Impact Group

North Campus Impact Group

Victoria Park Impact Group