University of Manchester Christian Union
Ifeomachukwu Nwulu

Ifeomachukwu Nwulu

MSc Development Finance

  • What’s your name, where are you from, what course are you studying and what year of university are you in?
    My name is Ifeomachukwu Nwulu and I’m from Nigeria. I’m studying the MSc Development Finance programme as a full-time Postgraduate Taught student.
  • Can you remember how you were feeling before coming to Manchester university?
    I was excited and eager to start this phase of learning at one of the top 30 universities in the world.
  • What has been your favourite thing about coming to Manchester?
    The balance. The city is represented by the hardworking bee but it’s a bee that knows when and how to relax. You aren’t overwhelmed by the “hustle and bustle” of mega cities. You aren’t missing out on anything. There’s something for everyone. It’s just perfect. Balanced.
  • What was it like doing your course during lockdown? What helped?
    It was tough. Really tough.
    “Reaching out” was what helped. Reaching out to family, friends, course mates, student support and wellbeing team, lecturers and this society – the Christian Union. Whether it was clarification on a lecture, bouncing off ideas on an assessment, venting about challenges, going for walks, the need to travel, grasping volunteering opportunities, studying God’s Word as a community; I reached out. That made all the difference.
  • What helped you the most coming to university?
    The Internet. It helped with sifting through reputable information sources, so I could know what to expect. It also helped with identifying people who had studied my programme or at the University in general, so I could glean more information. The Internet can be a blessing, you know.
  • What is your top tip for a postgrad coming this September?
    It’s what worked for me and is generally recommended: Reach Out.
    Don’t isolate yourself. Most of us are an email or call away these days and if we’ve seen the worst of the pandemic, then just wave and say: “Hi”.